FAQs about Orders and Deliveries during COVID-19

Last updated: December 2021

1. Can I place orders using Cash on Delivery?

We are accepting Cash/Pay on Delivery in almost all locations. If your location is eligible for Pay on Delivery, you will see the option on the payment page while placing your order. If the chosen delivery location is designated as a restricted zone, we will continue to accept only pre-paid orders for such locations.

2. I have already placed an order, but it is showing a long delivery date?

We are working across the Operations network to enable faster deliveries to customers, while ensuring safety of associates and customers. We are continuously improving our delivery promise to offer a seamless delivery experience. 

3. Can I still create returns for my orders?

Yes within 7 days of receiving the product

4. What is No-Contact delivery?

Husky Dusky is focused on the health and safety of our customers and employees. Based on regional regulations and social distancing requirements; there is a change to the way we’re delivering your items. To adhere to the contactless or no-contact delivery, the delivery associate will maintain a 2-meter distance.

5. What is Husky Dusky doing to keep customers and employees safe?

Safety of our customers and teams continues to be our top most priority. We continue to follow stringent safety protocols such as use of face covering, regular hand sanitization, social distancing with innovative technology in our buildings and contactless deliveries among 100 other process changes we have made in our operations since the beginning of the pandemic.


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